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******* ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - 21-OCT-2013 *******

Colors used in the CMYK (4 color) printing process are Titanium 4250 and Silver 8770.

Weights of the bags are:  Small - 23 grams; Medium - 40 grams; Large - 67 grams; Extra Large (Jumbo) - 89 grams)

Logos are digitally printed, not gold foil.


Production of PPR SHPR. These are Retail bags, varying in size, with a 4 color print and digital print logo on the exterior.

Please submit  proposal and best quotation to Buyer through this electronic RFQ software. Any deviations from the requirements included must be identified and fully described. If unable to quote, please print a written response with the reason for no quote.

Bidders are required to submit their quotation by the due date indicated. Any late quotations may be disqualified from consideration for award of the RFQ package at the discretion of the Buyer.

Volumes provided are estimated annual quantities. Please provide recommended shipping quantities with quotation. All bags are of the same design and print with the same logos adjusted for the size of the bags.

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Mercer, Pennsylvania
Country USA


RFQ Number 706379

Technical Specifications

Category Bags, Retail
Dimensions 8x6x3 inch

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Bags, Retail: A paper bag or paper sack is a preformed container made of paper, usually with an opening on one side. It can be one layer of paper or multiple layers of paper and other flexible materials. Common uses include: supermarket/grocery bags, fast food service, dog food, agricultural applications. Synonyms: sack, shopping bag, carrier