Compact Compressor System

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Buyer is in search of a compresor Pump/Reservoir to be mounted to a mobile piece of robotic automation. Should be a self-contained unit (hook up to power, and it supplies steady air turning on/off as needed). Space is at a premium so a small design is preferred. Preferences given to quietness and low power consumption.

Instantaneous consumption (if all pneumatic devices are actuated simultaneously) is about 15 L. Average consumption during the running time of the system is 200 L/min.

Buyer Information

Industry Engineering and Design
City/Region Guelph, Ontario
Country CANADA


RFQ Number 436138
Material Laiton

Technical Specifications

Category Air Compressor Pump

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Air Compressor Pump: Air compressor pumps are generally reciprocating pumps operated by reciprocating piston or plunger action, creating suction to draw air into a chamber or suction valve and force to output the air through an output valve. Common types of reciprocating pumps include direct-acting, most powered pumps, crank, flywheel and diaphragm pumps.