This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Permanent Mold Casting

We require a quote for 1500 cast and machined [Copper Alloy - C95500 (DIN 1714)] components ASAP. High quality and low cost is our main objective.

Attached is a drawing and photos of the cast component.

Dimensions are roughly 6" (150mm) X 2.5" (60mm) X 1.5" (38mm) and the machined weight is 1.04 lb (473 grams).

The machining consist of a 12mm bore, a tapered slot, two spot faces and two M6 tapped holes, as depicted on the drawing.

Casting type/method is at the supplier’s discretion. Any tooling, NRE or setup charges should be quoted separately.

A 2D - 3D model can be provided to the successful bidder.

Buyer Information

City/Region Fort Myers, Florida
Country USA


RFQ Number 339989
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Copper Alloy - C95500 (DIN 1714)

Technical Specifications

Category Permanent Mold Casting

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Permanent Mold Casting: A reusable mold is used in permanent mold casting. The advantages of this process include near-net shape components, better surface finish, and improved mechanical properties. Finished products will not have fine details. In permanent mold casting a reusable mold is machined from metal, usually gray cast iron. It is constructed in two or more parts and hinged so the casting can be released from the mold. Liquid metal is poured into the mold fed only by gravity. Permanent mold casting is used for producing castings from alloys of aluminum magnesium and copper. Irons and steels can be cast in graphite molds. The term permanent mold casting and gravity die- casting are often used the mean the same casting process.