Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearing

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Bronze sleeve bearing, C93200 (SAE660)  2.00"  OD x  1.515" ID x 3.25"   Long 50.80mm OD x 38.48mm ID x 82.55mm Long ID to be grooved in a double figure 8 Graphite in ID groove, and coating  entire ID. Please quote quantities of 500, 100 and  2500.  I believe that order quantities  will be 2000 parts per order or more. This is for quote only.  Please quote  us distributor pricing - we will be  reselling this part.  No order will  come if our quote to our customer is  not successful. File attachment is a Pagemaker 6.0  file.  If you cannot open it, please  contact me and I will fax a drawing to  you.

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City/Region New Albany, Indiana
Country USA


RFQ Number 306922

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Category Other Casting

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Other Casting: Metal casting is a process whereby molten metal is poured into a mold shaped like the desired finished product. The cast metal remains in the mold until it has solidified. Single molds produce only metal casting and are typically used for small productions runs. Multiple use molds are used for large production runs of metal castings. Multi-use molds are more expensive, but will withstand repeated use. The type mold to be used for metal casting is dependant upon the finished product. For example, some molds are capable of producing more intricate metal casting parts than others and some can produce parts more economically, while some molds can produce only one metal casting, and others can produce many metal castings from a single mold. Metal casting is performed be metal casters.