Buckle Assy.

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Stamping of a buckle assy. Parts are roughly 1.75" long x 0.8" wide. Part "A and B" buckle Assy. for wrist watch. Supplier to make tooling as required. Supplier to form parts, heat treat, polish and chrome plate. Supplier to test for proper "Snap together" after parts are assembled. Please quote as a set.

Buyer Information

City/Region Lynwood, Illinois
Country USA


RFQ Number 350548
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade 1075 or 1095 spring steel

Technical Specifications

Category Flexible Die Forming

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Flexible Die Forming: Flexible die stamping is a process in which the punching die forms the metal into a flexible die. The advantages of using flexible dies are quick set-ups and relatively low cost. Flexible die stamping is commonly used for shorter production runs and where tight dimensional tolerances are not required.