BCO Prototype Reactor

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Buyer is looking for a local area (Maryland) machine shop that can work with Buyer for Buyer's prototype development. Buyer will be looking to drill and thread out an opening in the bottom of a Worthington X7 Steel Scuba tank. Buyer needs a tank that can withstand the normal 3400psi and elevated operating temperatures of 350C but with the additional outlet

Buyer Information

Industry Oil & Gas
City/Region Mount Airy, Maryland
Country USA


RFQ Number 479500
Material Other
Material Grade deep-drawn chrome molybdenum steel

Technical Specifications

Category Tool & Machine Design

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Tool & Machine Design: Engineering the design of tooling or dies to make the product requires skill, expertise of the manufacturing process, and knowledge of materials and their mechanical properties. Because of the specialized skills required, it is often cost-efficient for manufacturers to outsource the design of tools and dies. Important considerations for tool and die design are the material to be processed, the amount of parts to be made, the number of facets or design features to be produced on the part, and the length of service required for the die. Tooling design services often include producing the tools and dies.