Audi Q5 - Part 30575

This RFQ was sourced on in MEXICO for Impression Die Forging

Platform name: Q5
EAU: (See attachment)
Life Time project:
EOP: 2016
EOP: 2023

Include in your proposal:

Price: Metal included or ex metal.
Metal rate utilized:
COO (Country of Origen)
Material quoted:
Standard Pack (SPQ)
Packaging Cost (If not included in piece price)  
Numbers of cavities (If applicable)
Applicable Duties & Taxes: (If applicable)

For terminals:

- Tooling life time (events)
- Tooling type (in line die o progresive)
- Presentation in roll or bulk.
- Numbers of stations considered to manufacture the part.
- Tooling manufacturing location
- Component manufacturing location


Step down 3*3 is required for these parts as quoted (3 % reduction on the piece price over 3 years)

Lead times in weeks::

Prototypes parts:
Production parts:

Buyer Information

City/Region El Paso, Chihuahua
Country MEXICO


RFQ Number 753027
Material Laiton

Technical Specifications

Category Impression Die Forging
Dimensions 38x20x16 mm

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Impression Die Forging: Impression die forgings and precision forgings compress the metal in a closed die. These processes are further refinements of blocker forgings. Because the metal is compressed in a closed die, the finished part more closely manifests the details of the die.