Aluminum Bird Feeder

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Cutting

Requirements: This product requires cutting, deburring, forming, coating and packing.

Cutting File: BK_3.0.dxf

Pieces/set: 2
Material: Aluminum
Alloy: 5052-H32 (we are open to alternatives. We have used 5052-H32 in the past, if you believe 3003-H14 or another alloy works best, let us know by quoting it. In the past we’ve used steel rather than Aluminum.)
Gauge: 0.050 inch
Finish: Coated (see RFQ for colors). Tiger Drylac preferred, alternatives accepted by physical sample only. Quote as you would and we will confirm samples as needed.

Forming: Forming information in BK_Forming.pdf

Please see pdf and RFQ for specifications and contact Buyer through the messaging system with any questions regarding this RFQ.


Packing consists of wrapping item and placing in box after inserting dowel and threading hangtag.


The flat pattern of the "base" of the birdfeeder is approximately 22" x 11.955" x 0.05".

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Country USA


RFQ Number 999489
Material Aluminium

Technical Specifications

Category Cutting
Dimensions 22x11x0 inch

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Cutting: Cutting is a manufacturing process used to separate materials. Laser cutting is often used in industrial manufacturing areas for cutting sheet metal and piping. It uses a computer controlled high output laser to do the cutting. Plasma cutting uses a torch which blows an inert gas at high speed through a nozzle which when held close enough to the parts creates an arc and melts the material. Water jet cutting uses extremely high pressure and velocity water to cut into metals. A torch is used in oxyfuel cutting to heat the metal; oxygen is then blown into the part causing the metal that it combines itself with to leave the cut as slag. Electric discharge (EDM) is also known as spark machining or spark eroding. EDM removes material by rapid arc discharges between the electrode of the cutter and the work-piece which has to be a conductor.