AlN Heater Thin, 200mm CVD

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Abrasive Cleaning

I am looking for someone that can create 0.10 inch dia.  mesas that are 0.0004  inch high and are dispersed over  the top surface of an aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic  platen 200 mm in diameter that I would supply. The mesas  are spaced about 0.5 inch from each other in a particular,  regular pattern (see attached). The mesas are to be  created by air abrasive etching through a mask. The etched  surface should have a finish of about Ra32 or better.

Buyer Information

City/Region Santa Clara, California
Country USA


RFQ Number 331051
Material Grade Dense AlN

Technical Specifications

Category Abrasive Cleaning

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Abrasive Cleaning: Abrasive cleaning is a surface treatment requiring an abrasive compound. Abrasive cleaning ranges from compounding to sandblasting. Compounding is a course polishing technique done with abrasive paste, usually containing alumina or silica. The paste is applied manually and then buffed with a power tool or machine.