AC clapper

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Production of an AC clapper. Approximately 1.156" long x 0.875" wide x 0.6875" high. Please see drawing for complete dimensions. These intermittent clappers must be provided in 24vac/60hz and 120vac/60hz. They energize 24 times a day for either 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Life expectancy should exceed 15 years. Coil and frame construction may differ as long as the dimensions and operation remain the same. The solder tabs must be on side shown, but not necessarily in the exact locations.

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Oak Park, Michigan
Country USA


RFQ Number 370691
Material Alloy Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Controls

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Controls: A control system is a device or set of devices to manage, command, direct or regulate the behavior of other devices or systems. There are two common classes of control systems, with many variations and combinations: logic or sequential controls, and feedback or linear controls.