A5 Stock CAP

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Production of a cap. Approximately 2.313" long x 1.250" wide x 1.000" tall. Please see pictures for specifications. The part is for the extreme sports industry and will be under periodic stress. Buyer has assembled two different parts into one, and will supply a sample for measurement and the production of CAD files. Pictures have been supplied to give an idea of the parts complexity. The part is static and has no moving pieces. Based on the complexity, I’m pretty sure it will need to be molded. I don’t believe it could be machined in one piece without several set-ups.

Buyer Information

Industry Printing
City/Region Atmore, Alabama
Country USA


RFQ Number 361307
Material Other
Material Grade Black Delrin/Glass Filled Nylon

Technical Specifications

Category Engineering Design

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Engineering Design: Engineering design crosses two planes, that of computer aided drafting(CAD), where design programs are used to create the engineering vision of the product. The second is CAD or computer aided machining (CAM). Here machining programs are used to design the best way to make and machine the engineering drawing from CAD.