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Shaped 1/2 inch plywood parts (approx. 10" by 10") with   CNC drilled holes. Parts to be put together with  separatly made metal parts. Tight tolerances needed. Sanded and sprayed with waterbased varnish. One test board to be produced and Ok’ed before final  run 100 left and 100 right needed

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City/Region , New York
Country USA


RFQ Number 323443

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Category Woodworking

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Woodworking: Woodworking is the process of manufacturing parts or products out of wood. Woodworking processes include routing, drilling, turning, joining, assembling, and finishing. Wood products are commonly used in construction for structural members, such as beams, standard framing boards, and plywood sheets, and functional members such as doors and window frames. Wood is also used for decorative purposes in cabinetry, trim finishing, and furniture.