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Please see prints for details. Prints provided are both production prints and finish requirements. Please note, parts will be supplied complete to the finisher.

Buyer Information

City/Region Canton, Massachusetts
Country USA


RFQ Number 319753
Material Grade Free Cutting Brass QQ-B-626D, 360; 1/2 Hard

Technical Specifications

Category Other Finishing

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Other Finishing: Finishing processes act on the surface of the part to prepare it as the finished surface or as pre-coating preparation. Common finishing processes, such as cleaning, striping, or polishing require the use of chemicals, surfactants, detergents, acids, or abrasives. Deburring removes sharp edges from parts and is accomplished by tumbling parts together, vibrating parts with an abrasive agent, or sandblasting parts. Honing and lapping are accomplished with tools. These processes serve to finish edges and surfaces, and to flatten or straighten parts.