7 Point Series Light Harness

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WeÊneedÊ(2)ÊprototypeÊharnessesÊnowÊasÊperÊtheÊattachedÊdiagram.ÊMuchÊhasÊbeenÊleftÊopenÊtoÊ suggestion.Ê ------------------------------------------------- UPDATE- A circular "T" junction box at each point that there is a spur with the main lead going seemingly  straight through and the spur lead to the lamp coming out at right angles (all cables would be the same  size and colour). Inside the box would be 3 connections - The "line" would be cut and the 2 ends  connected to the 2 supply leads in the spur cable and the earth (ground) lead would also be cut and and  connected to the earth (ground) lead of the spur cable. Strain relief clamps inside the junction box would  prevent any mechanical stress on the connections. The junction box should incorporate a neon for  identifying a failed lamp. Each of the 7 spurs will be crimped directly to the lamp sockets leads eliminating  the plug.

Buyer Information

City/Region Miami Beach, Florida
Country USA


RFQ Number 313755
Material Grade Copper

Technical Specifications

Category Wire Harness Assembly

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Wire Harness Assembly: Wire harness assembly, and other electrical assembly services, is the assembly of wires and connectors into harnesses. Wire harness assemblies organize wires for quick connections making them ready for installation into electrical systems in appliances, autos, airplanes, and machinery.