5600 correctivedrawing AND 6000correctivedrawing

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Abrasive cleaning of a 5600correctivedrawing AND 6000correctivedrawing. Approximately 9.02" x 3.25" x 1.53". Material is aluminum. Please see drawing for all specifications. Unless otherwise stated, the drawing takes precedence. Vibratory finishing, plastic beads with abrasive fluid; must remove surface marks and blemishes on exposed surface per drawing notes; test reveals approx. 2 hour vibration required, send sample parts to confirm before completion of lot.

Buyer Information

Industry Engineering and Design
City/Region Sycamore, Illinois
Country USA


RFQ Number 513529
Material Aluminium

Technical Specifications

Category Abrasive Cleaning

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Abrasive Cleaning: Abrasive cleaning is a surface treatment requiring an abrasive compound. Abrasive cleaning ranges from compounding to sandblasting. Compounding is a course polishing technique done with abrasive paste, usually containing alumina or silica. The paste is applied manually and then buffed with a power tool or machine.