45W Bearing Plate Blank

This RFQ was sourced on www.MFG.com in USA for Surface Grinding

Torch cut profile, grind flat and paralell within .005". Plate to be .940/.950 after grinding. If including heat treat in quote, please quote this separately in the  comments field.

Buyer Information

Industry Machinery and Tools
City/Region Huntington Beach, California
Country USA


RFQ Number 330226
Material Grade 4340 Plate

Technical Specifications

Category Surface Grinding

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Surface Grinding: Surface grinding, commonly called flat grinding, is the process of removing extremely small amounts of material from a flat surface of a part, be it top, bottom or sides. Surface grinding is done primarily to produce fine or smooth finish surfaces. Often it is a pre-finishing treatment done to better accept coating or painting. Surface grinding is also done to achieve tight tolerances for flat, parallel or square dimensions.