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Unfortunately, we don't drawings or diagrams to provide at this time. We are developing a new feature within one of our products that will allow our customers to add or replace a component quickly in the field. The concept requires a 4-pin male and female connector, and then another female connector that has two of the pins shorted together. I have indicated the wire sizes and colors we would like to use, as well as the ampacity and voltage rating for the unit. Other than that we are open to any design, size or color. A 4 pin male connector assembly with 12" wire pigtail.   The wire should be 14 or 12 gauge wire. The length of the  pigtails should be approximately 12" long.  The connector  must be rated for a minimum of 5-amps at 600 volts.  Wire  colors should be red, red, black, white. A second 4-pin female connector to mate with the above.   All other details the same.  Quantities for this connector  will be about 1/3 of the first item. A third 4-pin female connector to mate with the first  connector.  Only a short 3" loop of red wire should connect the 1st and 2nd pin on this connector.  No other wires.   Quantities for this connector will be the same as the first connector 

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RFQ Number 329745

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