4 inch Rotomolded Spacer

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Production of a spacer. Approximately 8.87" x 8.32" x 5.00". Please see drawing for dimension specifications. Small rotational mold with at least three piece. 3/16" thick. Please contact buyer with any questions.

Buyer Information

City/Region North Berwick, Maine
Country USA


RFQ Number 410274
Material Thermoplastic
Material Grade Plastic

Technical Specifications

Category Rotational Molding

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Rotational Molding: Rotational molding is a versatile process for creating a variety hollow plastic parts. Rotational molding process uses heat and biaxial rotation, rotation on two axes, to produce hollow, one piece parts. Molten plastic is pored into the mold and as it rotates, centrifugal forces compress the molten plastic to the walls of the mold.