3 in. Clamshell 6 Up Ruledie

This RFQ was sourced on www.MFG.com in USA for Tool, Die & Mold Making

Production of a ruleruledie. Please see drawing for dimension specifications. Must make exactly as shown on drawing. Cannot have more joints in rule than shown.

Buyer Information

City/Region , Virginia
Country USA


RFQ Number 392305

Technical Specifications

Category Tool, Die & Mold Making

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Tool, Die & Mold Making: Dies are tools for forming, cutting, stamping, punching or bending materials. Dies are used in cold forming, forging, metal spinning and stamping. Mold making is the process of creating molds for forming metals, plastics, rubber, glass or ceramics. Molds compress these materials in molten or near molten states until they cool in solid form, conforming to the surface geometry of the mold.