12 inch round clock dial

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Production of a 12" round clock dial for indoor use. The buyer require a white plastic/vinyl or paper material (all material recommendations will be considered) that will not yellow, fade or discolor for a minimum of 10 years. Material should have rigidity (possibly .020-.030"T) & be cleanable from dirt/grease smudges. Ink color is black. The buyer has 5 other sizes and many styles of dials with quantities ranging from 1 to 2500. Diameters range from 10" round, 12" square, 15" round, 18" round & 23" round. Supplier should accommodate these orders as well.

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Oak Park, Michigan
Country USA


RFQ Number 366667
Material Other
Material Grade non-yellowing plastic or paper

Technical Specifications

Category Other Engraving

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