108 Strap

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Clicker die for cutting 5-1/2oz leather, approx 6-7/8X11 with approx 3/32 punch or 1/8 inch stab. Corner Radii to be R1/4". We are looking for an all steel die, not forged. We need to have 100+ dies made for our complete product line and also for ongoing custom orders. This die represents the type die we would need although it is one of the smaller ones. Larger ones would be approx. 12X30 with up to 200 holes. Your bid on this will be considered representative of your pricing for doing templates for our entire line. Please call with your questions or for additional information.

Buyer Information

City/Region Seattle, Washington
Country USA


RFQ Number 333993
Material Alloy Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Clicker Die Making

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Clicker Die Making: Clicker Dies are ideal for cutting thicker tougher materials with the added benefit of lightweight construction. The steel blades are held in place by welded, cold rolled steel braces. This leaves the interior open so the die can be easily registered to the material being die cut. The blade thickness typically runs between .084 and .112 inches. Serrated knives can be used for particularly strong materials like leather, canvas, or thick felts.