washer, shaft retension

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Production of a punched washer, shaft retension. Approximately 0.46" OD x 0.06" long. Material is Vulcanized fiber, 0.045 . Please see drawing for all specifications. Unless otherwise stated, the drawing takes precedence. The buyer is bidding on this job for a customer. Although the order is not firm at this time, the buyer will notify all quoting parties once a decision has been made. Quote tooling cost and part cost. These parts will be shipped to a company in China.


Part Number:       9500538-001
Material:       Other
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions1.524 x 11.684 inch


Annual Usage:1.0E7

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Punching: Punching is a fabricating process in which a steel tool, called a punch, is forced into sheet metal, forcing it to compress or release into a bottom die. Forming punches compress the sheet metal into the shape of the bottom die to create the desired contour. Hole, slot and notch punches are used to cut holes in sheet metal by shearing the metal into a hollow die, where the excess metal drops to the bottom and is collected.