Wldm, Exch, Cart

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Production of a cart. Please see drawing for dimension specifications. Steel weldment consisting of structural tubing and steel plate. Supplier to fabricate and paint part per drawing specifications. Paint chip will be provided once a vendor is selected. Order size will be a 6 month to 12 month order with delivery schedule Please estimate shipping costs to buyer's facility. Buyer is outsourcing this part in another manufacturing category in order to determine the most cost effective method of manufacturing.


Part Number:       2169-2170 Rev B
Material:       Alloy Steel
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications

Category:Welding or Bonding

Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:150.0

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Welding or Bonding: Bonding is the process of joining two materials by fastening or by use of an adhesive. Generally, bonding refers to joining of two materials surface-to-surface, in a manner in which one covers the other, as opposed to fastening, where members are joined at a discrete point. Cladding, in which one material covers another entirely and pressure and/or heat is applied to create the bond between them, is a form of bonding. Welding and Brazing are both bonding processes.