This item was sourced on as one of the items in an RFQ in USA for Honing

30.375 +/- .015 inch long x 4.000 +.010/-.000 O.D. x 3.75 +.006/-.000 I.D. Tube. The tube has a snap ring groove cut on one side of it (on I.D.). The tube has some straightness and position tolerances associated with it


Part Number:       12255-802011213819-1
Material Grade:       304 Stainless steel

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:26.0

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Honing: Honing is a finishing operation performed on the inside of cylindrical shapes. Abrasive stones, sticks or brushes are arranged in a triangular shaped tool and fitted to the inside or bore of a cylinder. Honing is used for very slightly altering the surface, as in tightening dimensional tolerance, rather than removing material to substantially change the dimension.