Shower plate

This item was sourced on as one of the items in an RFQ in USA for Polishing

The buyer has several 6.00 OD x 0.300 discs of 304 Stainless. The parts have been machined, sand blasted, and then electropolished. The buyer would like the parts polished to a mirror or near-mirror finish.


Part Number:       0600DISC
Material:       Alloy Steel
Material Grade:       304 SS

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:25.0

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Polishing: Polishing and buffing processes are surface treatments performed to smooth a variety of materials. Polishing may be done for functional purposes on parts like shafts, cylinders or lenses. Polishing is also done for aesthetic purposes, for example, to achieve hi-gloss, satin or brushed finishes on materials. Polishing and buffing require the use of a buffing pad and a compound, usually containing a very fine, silica-based abrasive. Polishing is done manually, with power tools, or with fixed machines.