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Buyer is looking to have this part produced from 16 gauge 3003 aluminum and to have it anodized with the Buyer's logo laser etched onto it. Buyer is very open to suggestion as to changes in almost any part of the design, material, and finish which would make manufacturing easier or cheaper to source as well as improving the overall quality of the product. The intended use of this product requires it to be both food and pharmaceutical grade, however there are no requirements beyond that from an engineering standpoint. There are at present no time constraints on this project as it is still in start up phase and we are unsure of what the potential size and frequency of orders would be, yet we would still need to consider minimum orders and lead times when selecting a manufacturer.

  Approximately 1.75 inch x 0.563 inch x 0.625 inch. Please see drawing for all specifications.


Part Number:       1454614232816
Material:       Aluminium
Material Grade:       3003

Technical Specifications


Dimensions1.75 x 0.625 x 0.563 inch


Annual Usage:10000.0

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Drawing: Drawing is the process of creating recessed contours in sheet metal by means of pressing the metal into a die, which draws it over the punch into the desired shape. Drawing is commonly used to create cup-like recesses in metal parts. Related manufacturing processes include deep drawing and metal spinning. Deep drawing is a stamping process that is used when deeper recesses are required. Metal spinning is a manufacturing process used when large cup-like structures are required.