Sassy Cap

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The Sassy Cap was invented to protect women long hair.  The satin material of the cap keeps the strands of hair under control and in place once you wake up in the morning.  The cap was created with a snap button at the bottom of the cap to snap to the top of the cap. This snap button minimizes the size of the cap without sacrificing the style within the cap to allow for a shower cap to be placed over the cap. Based off of prior experiences, the creators found that it is difficult to keep the integrity of their hairstyles from the transition of them waking up in the morning to getting into the shower. The creators found that during this time they would have to take their hair out of their long sleeping cap and stuff their hair into a shower cap; thus separating their curls and messing up their initial style.

The Sassy cap is made with a satin material that allows for ventilation or circulation of air throughout.

Creation: To make a Sassy Cap, a 100% satin material must be selected for which provides enough material for the cap to be mid-length of the back.  A button will need to be sewn to the bottom of the cap.  Also, an insert to snap the button to the cap will need to be placed at the top. The cap will have an elastic head band to provide custom fitting of the cap to different head shapes and sizes. The elastic head band material will need to be covered with the satin material.

1.) Production of high quality satin material. Approximately 30 inch x 24 inch x 30 inch. The elastic banding is 52 inches long. Refer to photographs for assistance on appearance specifications.


Part Number:       1310403419286
Material:       Satin
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications

Category:Other Headwear

Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:5000.0

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