Rocking Frog

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Fabrication of a rocking frog. The item to be fabricated is a wooden rocking animal. The presented design is a frog, but others will also be produced. The components of the prototype toy are 2" (nominal) #2 Southern Yellow Pine for the limbs and seat, 1" (nominal) #2 SYP for the rockers, .75" hardwood plywod for the body and 1.25" rod for the joints and handle. The assembly is approximately 11" wide. The forearm and foot are attached to the outside of the rockers. The upper arm and thigh are attached to the body. There are no moving parts in the assembly. All 2" thick pieces are rounded using a .5" radius bit. All edges are sanded smooth to be child friendly. The toy must be finished with (in this case green and yellow) coating. The prototype is finished in Rustoleum Painter’s Touch, but I’m open to suggestions. All material and design choices are negotiable as long as they stay within the spirit of the design and result in an attractive, sturdy and safe toy. Particularly, I am interested in options to ship the toy completely finished but disassembled. See the attached DWG (exported from CorelDraw) and original CorelDraw files.


Part Number:       1
Material:       Wood
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications

Category:Wood Fabrication

Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:300.0

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Wood Fabrication: Wood fabrication is the process of making parts or components out of wood. Wood fabrication includes cutting, drilling, joining, and finishing wood into a finished product.