Rivet-Hi Shear

This item was sourced on www.MFG.com as one of the items in an RFQ in USA for Rivets

Buyer is looking to purchase Boeing Standard parts. , Advise if material is DFARS (specialty metal clause ) compliant, melted in U.S. or Qualifying country and the Manufacturer, test reports & OEM certification available. Please quote the x33 column qty’s , Advise if Boeing approved MFG Source (see link to D1-4426)


Part Number:       BACR15AY-6-4
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:2376.0

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Rivets: A rivet is a mechanical fastener consisting of a smooth cylindrical shaft with heads on either end, the second one formed in position when installed. Rivets are used to provide a permanent, secure stationary joint for various materials.