Pump, Fine Mist Sprayer

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Pump, Mist Sprayer for 2 ounce pump air freshener (NON-AEROSOL). Specifications:

Pump Type: 20/410 Black Screw Thread Pump

37MS Emsar 20/410 ribbed fine mist sprayer with a 4-1/8" dip tube length. 

Mckernan Number: HF-16060 dosage of 180 and K-3 insert.

Overcap: Clarified PP, Natural

Actuator: PP, Smooth Walled, Black

Actuator Insert: 0.012" MBU, Fine Mist, Acetal, Natural

Piston Guide: PE, White

Piston: Natural, Acetal

Ball: Stainless Steel

Piston Base: PE, Natural

Gasket: PE, White

Closure: 20/410 Thread, Ribbed Outside, PP, Black

Housing: PP, White

Spring: Stainless Steel

Dip Tube: PE, Natural, 105mm (FBOG), Notched End

Strokes to Prime: 3 to 5

Dosage: 0.18ml +/-0.03ml


Part Number:       1372356168754
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:750000.0

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Sprayers: A sprayer is a plastic apparatus for reducing liquids to spray, as for medicinal or cosmetic application. Common uses: perfume, cleaning products, cosmetics. Synonyms: mister, dispenser, atomizer