Pneumatic Exercise Equipment

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Buyer is interested in having an engineering firm design a line of commercial-grade exercise equipment based on pneumatic air through the use of an air compressor. The buyer is aware there are already a few companies that manufacture this type of equipment (ie:Stainless Steel Fitness, Medifit, Keiser and HUR), but the main advantage of this type of equipment is that it allows the user to increase/decrease the resistance by way of thumb buttons or foot pads in 1 pound increments with a guage or digital readout to see how much weight is being lifted. Initially, buyer would like to have approximately 8 basic machines (leg press, leg curl, leg extension, bicep, tricep, chest, back/shoulder, abdominal). The main components of the machines will be very similar to the other companies listed above (hydraulic exercise equipment has the same basic design) but the frame should have a distinct look where form, function and aesthetics are all taken into consideration. The buyer is looking for 3D CAD drawings and blueprints along with a Bill Of Materials. Buyer is looking to retain all rights to the designs as well as any patentable solutions after the project is paid for (no royalties, other fees etc...) Most of these similar machines retail for approximately $1,000-$3,000. Buyer is currently seeking funding for this Start-Up project so an accurate BOM is essential for this project to move forward.


Part Number:       1322349562666
Material:       Acier inox
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications

Category:Engineering Design

Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:1.0

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Engineering Design: Engineering design crosses two planes, that of computer aided drafting(CAD), where design programs are used to create the engineering vision of the product. The second is CAD or computer aided machining (CAM). Here machining programs are used to design the best way to make and machine the engineering drawing from CAD.