Plated / Painted wire

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Item:Wire, Steel, Round Comp AISI 1006  or 1008, No. 25 gage Swg .0204 +/-  .0006 dai, Re annealed stock.   PLATING /  Painting: Protective Finish: Finish  5.1.1 Followed by Finish 20.1 of Mil- STD-171 to produce Forest Green Color  No. 34079.  Alternate colors allowed:  34052, 34086, 34087, 34096, 34127 Dull  finished required. Test: Wire must pass 12 hour salt spray  test Qty: 3,700,000 meters of plated wire This item is for a Dept of Defense  rated order, Full Quality Clauses and  Vendor flow down to accompany  formal/negociated P.O. between Customer  and Vendor. ISO 900x prefered, Buy America Act in  effect.  Need to disclose origin  country and needs to be NATO country.


Part Number:       9269197-2
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:0.0

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Paint: Painting is the process of applying a paint coating. Paint coatings bond to the surface of the part and provide numerous functions such as protection, durability, conductivity, shielding, and decoration. Metal parts often require a phosphate or chromate conversion or a primer to enable the bond between the surface of the part and the paint coating.