This item was sourced on as one of the items in an RFQ in USA for Hardening

We are looking for induction hardening services to support our manufacturing operations. We have many different size pins: 3.5-12.5" Dia and up to 101" long. Average lenght is 24" long. 1/4" CASE DEPTH Please remit your interest in providing the services to our facility. We are located in Illinois.


Part Number:       PINS
Material Grade:       4340

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:300.0

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Hardening: Hardening steel increases its strength and durability. A key element in the hardness level achieved is the steel's carbon content. Some alloys must be carbon-enriched prior to hardening. Hardening of steel is achieved by heating it and then rapidly cooling it by quenching the steel in either water, salt water, oil, or a polymer bath.