OEM Bed frame attachment

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Production of a OEM Bed frame attachment (Pultrusion). Approximately 85.0 inch x 61.75 inch x 27.0 inch.

Buyer is looking for a manufacturer to make a custom designed product for our company. The product is for a bed frame attachment that is meant to hold a large size dog. The product is made from the pultrusion process, and the material is a fibre reinforced polymer. Buyer would prefer it to be a glass fibre reinforced polymer, so the strength of the material is strong enough to hold the necessary weight, but can still be made cheaply enough to be sold in the consumer goods industry. All but two of the parts will be made from a fibre reinforced polymer. In the attached files, there is an assembly file to look at. There will be a platform in the center of the assembly, and this platform will need to hold the weight of up to 200 pounds without breaking or severe bending. This product is meant to hold a large size dog plus a dog bed, which is why 200 pounds is being considered as the maximum force that this product will need to hold. Since there will be minor impact when the dog jumps on the platform, the platform needs to hold up to minor impact and not be permanently deformed, which is one of the considerations in choosing a fibre reinforced polymer. The buyer would also need a prototype made that will look like the finished product, and would like for the production run manufacturer to also do the prototype, to build a relationship with our manufacturer. 


Part Number:       1494272319303
Material:       Thermoplastic
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions85.0 x 61.75 x 27.0 inch


Annual Usage:500.0

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Pultrusion: Pultrusion is a manufacturing process that produces reinforced plastic shapes with constant cross-sections. The composite material is reinforced by pulling fibers through a liquid resin mixture. The finished product has exceptional strength to weight properties and corrosion resistance.