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0.66" Diameter formed .010" thk magnetic sheet steel part. Has centeral formed centering cylinder which locates the part. Locating feature has a .040" max hole which is provided to allow material flow. Also, a series of approx. .062" dia relief holes may be added around the center to allow for additional mat’l flow. We’re not sure how this part should be made and will alter design to suit the best manufacturing approach. We expect to pay a fair amount for first initial pieces and tooling, but need the part to cost to be under $.10 in production of high volumes. Contact us for questions. We’re asking for a few first samples in late November, but realize that tooling may make that impossible. Please let us know when soonest parts could be made.


Part Number:       3068-0-D
Material:       Alloy Steel
Material Grade:       steel, yellow chromate

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:10000.0

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Drawing: Deep drawing is a stamping process in which sheet metal is 'drawn' over a punch as it forces the metal into a recessed die. Deep drawing produces cup-like shapes.