House, Process Connection Backwards

This item was sourced on as one of the items in an RFQ in CHINA for Investment Casting

Material Grade: 304

House, Process Connection Backwards的生产 (精密铸造). 大约88.0 mmODx 43.0 mm长. 请参阅图纸了解所有规格。


Part Number:       3030-031 A1
Material:       Acier inox
Material Grade:       304

Technical Specifications

Category:Investment Casting

Dimensions88.0 x 43.0 mm


Annual Usage:5000.0

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Investment Casting: The investment casting process is ideal for the production of high quality metal castings made from aluminum, steel and exotic alloys. Investment casting is generally used for small castings, often less than 500gm, although steel castings up to 300kg and aluminum castings of 30kg are can be produced. As compared to other casting processes such as sand casting or die-casting, investment casting is a relatively expensive process, but it has versatility and precision unmatched by few other metal forming processes.