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.313 dia. wireform with .75 1/4-20 thread bolt welded to  one end.  Part to be dipped in rubber except for bolt  threads.  Dip to provide grip, weather protection, and  noise dampening.  Plastisol in a 40-50 durometer or  plastidip or other rubber/soft but durable vinyl coating  acceptable.  See attached marked-up print.


Part Number:       Fork
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications

Category:Other Coating

Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:5000.0

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Other Coating: Coatings are materials that form a continuous film over the surface of the part being coated. Coatings impart color, sheen, and protection to parts. Coatings include paints formulated for brushing/rolling, powder coatings and conventional spray coatings. Paints are water-, oil-, and solvent-based and are made in epoxy, polyester, lacquer, enamel, and latex formulations.