Flat Chip Thick Metal Film

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RES, 93.1 KOHM, 1%, 100 MW, 0603, FLAT CHIP THICK METAL FILM, LF; KOA; RK73H3ATE2490D 250 ea. Buyer is looking for price; lead time and MOQ on this part.


Part Number:       1284500191586
Material:       Glass
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:250.0

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Semiconductors: A material that is neither a good conductor of electricity (like copper) nor a good insulator (like rubber). The most common semiconductor materials are silicon and germanium. These materials are then doped (coated) to create an excess or lack of electrons. Computer chips, both for CPU and memory, are composed of semiconductor materials.