Fiberglass Rod 4

This item was sourced on as one of the items in an RFQ in USA for Pultrusion

Production of a fiberglass Rod 4. Approximately 0.5" OD x 93" long. Material is Fiberglass composite. Please see drawing for all specifications. Unless otherwise stated, the drawing takes precedence.
Quotes for each length. All radial dimensions +/- .010 Taper grind with white paint finish. Provide 20 ga wire. 20 ga 10 strand . Wire pultruded in center of each rod. 1 tin & 1 copper (2 wire). After grinding & coating, expose 3" of insulated wire beyond Both ends of rod.


Part Number:       MECO100-93
Material:       Composite
Material Grade:       Fiberglass

Technical Specifications


Dimensions2362.2 x 12.7 inch


Annual Usage:10000.0

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Pultrusion: Pultrusion is a manufacturing process that produces reinforced plastic shapes with constant cross-sections. The composite material is reinforced by pulling fibers through a liquid resin mixture. The finished product has exceptional strength to weight properties and corrosion resistance.