Cover, Motor

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Production of a cover. Approximately 1.000" OD x 1.000" long. Please see drawing for dimension specifications. This is a impact extrusion to be used as a Motor Cover for Aviation Actuator. Samples will be required to build proof of concept (poc). Approval of (poc) is required prior to production. Non flight critical.


Part Number:       2004114-1
Material:       Aluminium
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions25.4 x 25.4 inch

Annual Usage:150.0

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Drawing: Drawing is the process of creating recessed contours in sheet metal by means of pressing the metal into a die, which draws it over the punch into the desired shape. Drawing is commonly used to create cup-like recesses in metal parts. Related manufacturing processes include deep drawing and metal spinning. Deep drawing is a stamping process that is used when deeper recesses are required. Metal spinning is a manufacturing process used when large cup-like structures are required.