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Painting of a Cover. Approximately 40.5" x 29.752" x 15". Material is aluminum. Please see drawing for all specifications. Unless otherwise stated, the drawing takes precedence. Paint per print in lots of 30-180 pieces. The buyer is bidding on this job for a customer. Although the order is not firm at this time, the buyer will notify all quoting parties once a decision has been made.


Part Number:       12443741A
Material:       Aluminium
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions1028.7 x 755.7008 x 381.0 inch

Annual Usage:360.0

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Paint: Painting is the process of applying a paint coating. Paint coatings bond to the surface of the part and provide numerous functions such as protection, durability, conductivity, shielding, and decoration. Metal parts often require a phosphate or chromate conversion or a primer to enable the bond between the surface of the part and the paint coating.