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06D models (3200 units total) The following needs to be  done: Unpack compressors- banding and bolts (crates and  cartons to be re-used; packaging labels will have to match  compressors when re-packed).  Mask nameplates, stud-bolts,  sight-glasses, terminal boxes, etc. (Carrier to supply  masking materila except for terminal boxes).  Blast to  remove all paint.  Repaint with two-coat wet-on-wet system  (primet + topcoat to be supplied by Carrier).  Remove  masking and re-label nameplates on all units (labels and  laminates to be supplied by Carrier). Repack compressors  using original packaging (bolted and re-banded).   Crate/carton labels have to match compressors, for re- labeled nameplates.  Ship compressors back to warehouse.  (Inbound and outbound transportation will be CSM’s  responsibility).   05G model compressors (1,400 units total).  All the above  applies to this model plus: Check holding charge and record  serial number if below 15psi. Replace head-bolts (one at a  time) and torque to specifications (bolts and torque- controlled tool to be supplied by Carrier). Check holding  charge and recharge with Nitrogen if necessary (Nitrogen  bottles and charging tools/supplies to be supplied by  Carrier).  Only suppliers located within a 75 mile radius  of Atlanta, GA need respond.


Part Number:       06D and 05G
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:0.0

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Stripping: Stripping removes paint, coatings, or plated layers from parts. Stripping process may involve the use solvents, such as mineral spirits, chemicals, such as sulfuric acid, or mechanical processes like sanding or grinding. Stripping by solvents or chemicals is commonly done by dipping parts into tanks containing the substances. Heat may be used in the process to facilitate stripping. Sandblasting is used in place of sanding for parts with complex features or contour surfaces.