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Stamping of aluminum blanks. Approximately 20 mm OD x 1.5 mm long. Comparable to a nickle or penny in U.S. currency. Buyer would like to price 1000 aluminum blanks stamped with "CRE" on top side and "CoHPer" on bottom side or below CRE stamp on front side(no quotes on stamped blank). These parts will be used as "markers" and will be placed at various USGS Benchmarks around the United States.


Part Number:       blank
Material:       Aluminium
Material Grade:       Aluminum

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:0.0

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Coining: Coining is a stamping process in which the metal is compressed in a closed die. The punch compression forces the metal to conform to the shape of the top and bottom die. This process is commonly used to produce coins, medallions, tokens and labels.