C1010 Angle Iron

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Buyer needs Pricing and Present Lead time for the following Angle Iron Item:

2.50” x 1.50” x .25” thk C1010 Angle Iron

Quote quantities 5500 feet per month / 65000 feet per year manufactured as per the standard mill supplied lengths (either 10/12 ft random lengths).

Material would be manufactured to standard lengths and shipped direct to the Monterrey Area of Mexico for further processing..



Part Number:       2.50 inch x 1.50 inch x .25 inch thk C1010 Angle Iron
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:65000.0

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Iron: Iron is a lustrous, silvery-white metal and is one the Earth's most abundant metals (second, only to Aluminum). In its pure form, it is very chemically reactive and can corrode easily when exposed to moisture or elevated temperatures. It has a long history of use in weaponry and piping as well as in the construction and automotive industries.