Bushing - BendPak Inc. P/N is 5565015 - Oil Impregnated Bushing made of Super Oilite 16 (SO16)

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Buyer is very keen in getting pricing from Supplier and would like to know when the Buyer could receive samples.

Buyer is looking for a bushing (see attached drawing for dimensions) made from a material called ASTM B-426 Grade 4 Type 2.  It also goes by the names SO-16, Super Oilite 16, and in China “Heat Treated
FeCu”.  It is powdered metal.  It consists of copper and iron powder combined in a special mixture.  After parts are machined or molded to shape, they are heat treated.  After heat treat they must be oil
impregnated in a vacuum. 

This material is also known in the US as “SAE 863 heat
treated to Rc50”.

Buyer wants to ensure the bushing meets or exceeds the following qualities:

1. Force = 30669 intermittent,
low speed 

2. Speed = S = 11 inches/min = = 1

3. P = 6511 psi

4. PV = 6511

Approximately 100.0 mm OD x 35.0 mm long. Please see drawing for all specifications and contact Buyer through the MFG.com messaging system with any questions regarding this RFQ.


Part Number:       1399660096169
Material:       Iron
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications

Category:Press & Sinter

Dimensions100.0 x 35.0 mm


Annual Usage:400.0

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Press & Sinter: Press and Sinter is the most common powder metal forming process. The powder composition is compacted into a die and heated super high temperatures, causing the metal powder to fuse into a solid metal.