3S2P 18650 based battery pack

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6x 18650 cells in a 3 series, 2 parallel arrangement. Stacked in two columns of 3, shrink wrapped and wired with both standard balance connector (22AWG wire to JST XHP-4) and output power connector (18AWG wire to Molex Mini-Fit Jr 0039012040). Wire lengths to for both connectors are 60mm from the end of the battery pack. Overall pack dimensions (excluding cables) should not exceed 19mm thick by 38mm wide by 200mm long.

The cells used should be at least 3.6 V nominal, with a continuous current rating of 10A or greater per cell and a capacity of 3Ah or greater per cell. Brand is open to supplier selection but please include cell model in quote (data sheet for model would be helpful as well.)

For reference, this pack is being used in a small, sealed, remote electric marine vehicle which draws 14A max. The vehicle includes under/over voltage protection, charge control, and over current protection, so no additional protection is needed within the battery pack. No additional mounting features or housing are required. This pack is for internal R&D equipment and does not need to maintain battery cell manufacturer warranties or be listed with UL or other similar agency. Internal pack construction details are left to the manufacturer's best practices.

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Part Number:       2
Material:       Thermoplastic
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications

Category:Lithium Batteries

Dimensions0.0 x 0.0 inch

Annual Usage:50.0

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Lithium Batteries: Batteries are electrochemical cells that translate chemical energy into electricity. They can be found in various shapes and sizes for different applications.