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 Mild Steel, Bright Silver in color. The material spec is the GS-726-135 A.  Corrosion Resistance:  Components covered under this specification shall meet or exceed the minimum hours specified below when tested under salt spray (fog) conditions in accordance with ASTM B117.  100 hours minimum to first appearance of white corrosion and 500 hours minimum to first appearance of red rust.  On non-threaded components, the corrosion resistance requirements shall apply to surfaces that can be touched with a 13mm sphere.  Excluded from this requirement are recesses, holes, sharp edges and corners that are subject to handling damage. The areas for which this specification does not apply may be masked during salt spray tests.B.  Appearance and Color bright silver.  Color and appearance must be uniform and the coating must be substantially free of visual imperfections.C.Assemblability:The total thickness and surface properties of the coating shall not have an adverse effect on normal assembly, installation and removal practices.D. The coating shall withstand normal handling and storage conditions without chipping, flaking or other coating damage. It shall withstand normal flexure and deflection of the component as required for use/and/or assembly.E.  Steel components, including but not limited to those heat-treated or cold worked are subject to hydrogen embrittlement when plated with metals.  It is the responsibility of the coating and/or component supplier to perform appropriate process steps, consistent with the heat treat specification (if applicable) to assure relief of hydrogen embrittlement.


Part Number:       1385439287021
Material:       Carbon Steel
Material Grade:       

Technical Specifications


Dimensions1.57 x 0.19 inch


Annual Usage:14000.0

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Stamping: Metal stamping is an effective way of producing formed sheet metal parts at an extremely high rate. The metal stamping dies are placed in presses and each cycle of the press produces a formed part. Common stamping processes include blanking, progressive die, deep drawing, Fourslide or multi-slide, coining, drop hammer, embossing, flexible die forming and die cutting.