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Company Profile: Kingtai industrial Co.Ltd ,its forerunner was MTS Rubber Metal Parts MFY ,foundED at 1992,and Mr.Sher Hing Hung ,Managing Director of the company gained broad experiences in the rubber,plastis and metal part industry during last 30 years.We also have a company in Hong Kong,Hopeful Sher's Industrial Company Limited was found by Mr.Sher in 1984.Kingtai Industial Co.Ltd covers an area of 26,463 sq.m,construction area of 29,600 sq.m and has 280 employees.Our management systems have passed ISO 9001.

Company Philosophy: Kingtai industrial Co.Ltd insist on 'Customer First' principle.The company never is never just maintainning a 'Buyer-Seller" relationship with its customers.We believe in working with our customers as a team sharing not only fruitful results,but also problems and difficulties together with each other.A strong inhouse engineering group,led by our managing director,Mr.Sher himself,provides technical backups for tackling problems and difficulties and for exploring new products for the 'Team'.

-On-time delivery
-Quality assurance
-Delivery accuracy
-Production accuracy
-Contingency solving

KINGTAI (QINGYUAN) RUBBER IND.CO.,LTD, Die folgenden Lieferanten (Werkstätten, Hersteller, Auftragsfertigunger, Gießereien, Formenhersteller, Textilhersteller, etc.) stellen Fertigungsdienstleistungen bereit und sind Mitglieder der Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte

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  • #617000
  • 2011-08-09
This is my second dealing with Kingtai and once again they have provided great parts and service. Their communication and problem solving abilities are excellent. Highly recommended. John Kennedy
John K.
  • #529561
  • 2010-07-16
Excellent service and quality. Highly recommended.
John K.
  • QINGYUAN, 广东 (Guangdong)
  • China 511542