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Kingbond and its founder have been in the business for over 22 years and are well established with the major factories throughout Asia and Europe where some sole exclusivity on a wide range of products ensures superb quality, prompt deliveries and above all price. With its low cost overhead base,Kingbond can offer ultra competitive prices to customers throughout the world on our wide range of consumer products. We are the authorized supplier of coke brand warmer & cooler. Also  is WAL-MART'S quality supplier.

We have recently opened our new office and showroom in Shenzhen, China. Welcome to China !

We are professionals in the sourcing of consumer products,especially textile, home appliances,TV & DVD.
We always offer to our customers great service as well as efficiency.
We believe we are in a position of Win-Win with our partners


KINGBOND INDUSTRIAL LIMITED, Die folgenden Lieferanten (Werkstätten, Hersteller, Auftragsfertigunger, Gießereien, Formenhersteller, Textilhersteller, etc.) stellen Fertigungsdienstleistungen bereit und sind Mitglieder der Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte

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