Dongguan Diode Machining Plastic Co.,Ltd

Spanende Bearbeitung Geschäft, 5-Achsen-Fräsen Geschäft 广东 (Guangdong), China, Hersteller

We are Diode Machining, which is small machine shop, can help our customer in overseas to make machined and CNC parts, also can help to source for your all kinds of mechnical parts, if you trust us.


Since our Contract with MFG will expire, if you have any question need us to do for you, you can email me at


We want to be your stable and fixed design house and your production factory and partner.



  • Milling Box
  • Connect screws and nuts
  • Clips
  • Special bushing


  • AS9100A
  • ISO9001:2000


  • Lathe Turning Machine
  • cnc machining
  • CNC Processing

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